Delight Foam Thickers – Black

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Thickers Foam Alphabet Stickers 6″X11″ Sheet – Delight Black

Big and beautiful – American Crafts Thickers have embraced their thickness, and they're here to stay. Add dimension and sophistication to your projects with these wonderful letter and accent stickers. They are made of archival-quality materials, are acid-free and feature a variety of cool new fonts, colors and accents. Foam ABC Delight Cherry- Package contains 2 sheets, 5 1/2″x 11″, with lower case letters, numbers, and some punctuation. Letters are a san serif font with at least 5 of each letter, and up to 7 of some, and 6 of each number with 8 of the number 0. Letter/number sizes vary from approximately 1/2″ to 3/4″.

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