The Art Studio Watercolour Sketching Pencils 3 Pieces


Scratch all your sketching itches with this all-inclusive pencil pack containing three different kinds of sketching tools! Use the five woodless graphite pencils for sketching, shading and blending on paper, and make use of all the different levels of hardness for different effects. The three woodless charcoal pencils can be used to make beautiful charcoal artwork with the precision of a pencil sketch- make use of the soft, medium and hard textures of each pencil for contrasting levels of colour in your art. Finally, use the three water-soluble pencils and the white synthetic-tipped brush to create black and white watercolour artwork with none of the mess from watercolour paints! This sketching pack is an amazingly comprehensive choice, perfect for both experienced sketchers and beginners looking to test out alternate pencil types.

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